Glasgow University Air Quality Research into Green Screens | For a healthier future

31 July 2018


Jointly supervised by Glasgow University’s Schools of Geographical and Earth Sciences and Engineering and with funding and support from Arup and EPSRC, Neil Jackson is conducting important research into the benefits of green screens.   Neil Jackson, PhD researcher at the University, heads up the project which seeks to test our Mobilane Green Screens – “green biofilters” – measuring the impact of them on intercepting pollution particles and rainfall.

The project encompasses cross-disciplinary aspects of engineering, urban ecology, geo-morphology and bio-geochemistry and looks to address the deteriorating quality of urban air quality and surface flooding on the landscape.

Green Screens improve air quality

Green screens have the potential to both improve air quality and reduce surface flooding in Glasgow by intercepting rainfall and particles. This study will measure the impact of these green screens over an 12-18 month period. A further objective of the study is to examine what happens to captured particles after they have attached to the surface of the leaves and how they may affect the water quality of the rainfall runoff.

There are a growing number of Mobilane Green Screen installations alongside urban schools.  Read more about our Green My School campaign and how the installations of Mobilane Green Screens are already improving air quality in our cities across the UK.


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