Plants, the investment of the future

25 April 2018

In an economically fluctuating market, saving money has become the new way of earning money. Not real estate itself, but the greenery on the real estate needs to dominate. Analyses by scientists at Harvard University have demonstrated that green buildings are already providing at least 4.82 billion euros in health and climate benefits. This does not include the 6 billion euros savings in energy.

LEED buildings

The study was rolled out amongst the registered LEED buildings (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). These LEED buildings represent about a third of all greener buildings. This globally used rating system makes it possible to measure and certify the sustainability of green buildings.

The USA is leading by example

The scientists listed an example from the USA to illustrate the opportunities for profit. The additional greenery prevented an estimated 405 premature deaths in the USA, 54,000 cases of respiratory problems, 21,000 days of absenteeism and 16,000 days of school drop-out. This means that greenery not only promotes the wellbeing of people, but it also has a considerable economic effect.

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