A green roof is super easy

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Water drainage has become an issue in recent years due to increased use of bricks and paving and climate change. People are looking at ways to reduce the strain on the sewage system. There has been a marked increase in the use of green roofs. This also applies to the MobiRoof by Mobilane. The MobiRoof consists of a plant cassette filled with substrate and 6-8 different types of sedum. The cassettes are easily slotted together, resulting in an instant green roof. MobiRoof is suitable for use on flat roofs and roofs with a gradient up to 10 degrees (20%) and can always be repositioned. Find our full product specifications in our ‘Knowledge Centre’ or use the National Building Specification NBSPlus

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  • Water retention of 20 litres per square metre
  • Increase in biodiversity
  • A pleasant appearance
  • Protection of existing roof coverage against UV radiation and solar heat
  • Increased efficiency of your solar panels
  • Insulating effect


  • Ready for use on roof coverage
  • Instant solution
  • Easy to (re)place, also for home owners
  • Low maintenance
  • 6-8 types Sedum
  • Certified sustainable production
  • Fully recyclable