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Noise is a major source of irritation. The NoiStop dampens and screens the noise, reducing it on average by 10 decibels.  The noise reducing wall is available in wood and steel panels and with a noise-absorbing core of mineral wool, NoiStop has an added element in its noise-reducing armoury: not only does it block sound, it also absorbs sound waves, significantly reducing environmental noise and making it an ideal shield beyond areas or high urban traffic.

Installation is simple, with no heavy lifting equipment required for installations below 270 cm in height. The 13 cm thick panels are easily installed by hand and can be combined with Mobilane living Green Screens to create an unobtrusive planted noise barrier.

Find our full product specifications in our ‘Knowledge Centre’ or use the National Building Specification NBSPlus

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  • Significant noise reduction and absorption
  • Immediate peace, privacy and safety
  • Zero maintenance
  • Clear partition


  • Core filled with mineral wool
  • Simple installation
  • Choice of various types and dimensions
  • Can be supplied with full foliage in combination with the Mobilane Green Screen
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