Green wall with Green Screens

  • Commercial

WallPlanter is a unique green wall system that uses Mobilane’s living Green Screens.  Grown in aluminium planters, the living Green Screens are affixed by qualified installers to a wall frame, creating an instant green façade.  This new, natural green wall expanse can add an extra planted dimension to exterior landscapes where space is at a premium.

WallPlanter can enliven an old, grey wall, bringing a fresh, natural vigour to an urban aspect – ideal for car park and industrial areas that cry out for a planted theme.

WallPlanter is equipped with a smart, automated irrigation and draining system, providing the living green screens with water and nutrients. The automated feeding systems means that the WallPlanter requires very little maintenance once in place.

Find our full product specifications in our ‘Knowledge Centre’ or use the National Building Specification NBSPlus

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  • Increase in value for real estate
  • Prevention of graffiti
  • Insulating effect
  • Capturing of harmful substances
  • Low maintenance requirement


  • Low water consumption
  • Available in various types and colours
  • Equipped with up-to-date automation technology
  • Unique green wall system
  • Fully recyclable