160 Green Screens for renovation project

Mobilane Living Green Screens

Housing association Rhenam Wonen has made a budget available to invest in the quality of life of the public space in the municipality of Rhenen, Holland. One of the ensuing projects is to improve and construct new back alleys and boundary partitions wherever Rhenam Wonen has ownership. As part of a pilot project, the houses at Populierenlaan were the first to be given new boundary partitions in the form of Green Screens.

A total of 160 screens of various dimensions were placed as boundaries between the back gardens and fire lanes. The screens are planted with Hedera Helix Woerner. Combined with the new paving, it all looks very sleek.

Robé BV from Veenendaal was responsible for the execution of this project. According to Niels Werkhoven, manager at Robé BV, Rhenam Wonen is very happy with the result of the instant boundary partitions. They are looking into a follow-up.


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