Modern and stylish Fish nor Fowl restaurant has a green wall filled with plants

  • Pittsburgh United States

Richard DeShantz has opened a new restaurant called Fish nor Fowl in Pittsburgh, United States. Fish nor Fowl is part of the well-known Richard DeShantz Restaurant Group. His business partner chef Dan Carlton leads the kitchen at Fish nor Fowl. The restaurant is their most ambitious and progressive project to date and it’s definitely worth a visit.
Wall with live plants

What was once a grey slate wall from floor to ceiling where the menu was written with chalk in former restaurant Salt of the Earth. Is now a green, three-dimensional living wall with different shades of green by various living plants. The plant wall has 764 plants and is no less than 18 m² in size. The wall creates a unique atmosphere and appearance in the restaurant. The restaurant distinguishes itself from other restaurants in the area. Fish nor Fowl has become a popular place in Pittsburgh, which green wall is an eye-catcher for visitors but also very popular to place online on Social media.

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