Green against graffiti!

Mobilane Living Green ScreensNoiStop

The recently installed NoiStop noise barrier along the busy IJsselallee in Zwolle, Holland is defaced with graffiti in various places. Employees of Comfortuin Denijs landscape gardeners will therefore be installing instant ivy hedges, immediately hiding the graffiti. This will also prevent future defacing and it adds a natural touch.

Noise barrier
Based on sound measurements in the adjacent Geren residential district, the Zwolle local authorities decided to implement additional sound-dampening measures.
They opted for the NoiStop system by Mobilane from Leersum, because the fencing elements of compressed mineral wool absorb traffic noise rather than reflecting it. Also, this wall made of light elements was installed by hand, which meant existing plants and shrubs sustained little to no damage. The 2.25 metre-high NoiStop noise barrier was placed across a distance of 400 metres, on the existing 4 metre-high soil wall.

This measure ensured an average decrease in noise from 70 dB near the road to an acceptable 45 dB in the residential area. The installation took about six weeks and was executed by landscape gardeners from Comfortuin Denijs from Meppel.


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