Green parking in the centre of Rotterdam

  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Mobilane WallPlanter wall system for garage

Two years ago, the dilapidated parking garage at Weenapoint in Rotterdam was on the list of buildings set to be completely demolished. The Maarsen Group contracted Van Mourik Architects in The Hague to develop a sustainable garage renovation plan as part of the adjacent, prestigious new-build project First Rotterdam, directly across from the Central Station. The result is a parking garage that has effectively been enveloped by living greenery. The building consists of 5 floors with 9 parking decks and offers space for 400 cars and 480 bicycles. The adjacent courtyard has also been completely transformed. A beautiful park garden has been created, with broad walkways, steel awnings and fences, lots of lawn and ornamental grasses.

Watering system

The 650 Mobilane Green Screens measuring 180 and 220 cm in height were pruned to the correct height in Bergschenhoek and planted in 224 insulated aluminium containers (390 x 50 x 50 cm) and then attached to the garage façade with a crane by Groenewegen. A load-bearing structure consisting of 50 tonnes of steel and stainless steel tension wires ensure that the hedges remain in position. Sensors are located near the roots, which continuously transmit information to a computer-operated irrigation system that partially uses rainwater and gives the plants the correct nutrients.

Contractor Groenewegen: The choice of this wall system with pre-cultivated ivy hedges was ideal for us. A mature, green result was achieved immediately after installation. We have the hedges pruned as little as possible to ensure an optimum natural appearance and… the more leaves, the more fine particles are captured by the Hedera hedges. This is important in Rotterdam.


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