Green school ground with Mobilane’s Green Screens

Mobilane Living Green Screens

As part of the full refurbishment of Broederschool Molenberg, the city of Heerlen in the Netherlands, gave the instruction to construct a green playground on the roof terrace. During break time, children can now safely play on the school’s first floor, unsupervised. In order to safeguard the children’s safety, 36 Green Screens with ivy of Mobilane were planted in planters on the outer edge of the ‘roof playground’, which measures 14 by 28 metres. The wooden planters were raised to 75 cm in order to discourage children from climbing on top of them and rubber tile supports have been laid underneath the planters.

Landscape gardener Alex Gisbertz from Beek, who carried out the work: “Fortunately they didn’t go for boring grating, but for a green, natural solution. Apart from a green look, the ivy screen also catch particulates. To make it more interesting we opted for green and multi-coloured ivy. Local residents will also be happy with an additional green aspect in their neighbourhood. We’re thinking of fitting some other roofs with Mobiroof sedum cassettes.”

In order to make the 2.30 metre-high screens storm-proof, the elements were attached to parapet supports. The planters, which weigh 275 kilos each, were screwed to each other, while additional planters were attached to the back of the screens to provide more ballast. This way, the green wall can withstand at least wind force 8. Mobilane’s Green Screens are watered via a drip irrigation system that is controlled by a humidity sensor. Gisbertz: “It took 4 men one week to complete the job. Luckily we were able to lift all the heavy materials on the ‘roof playground’ with a crane. Pupils can reach the other play facilities on the ground floor via steel stairs.


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