Achieving green impact at Bournemouth University

Mobilane Living Green Screens

Embedding sustainability into campus life

Extending both the University’s Green Impact programme and their natural, green view from the University campus, Hillier Landscapes have installed 25 Mobilane Green Screens at Bournemouth University.

Blending foliage and flora

The 3 metre screens offer a secure, natural perimeter with a blend of varieties including Hedera and Euonymus. The Mobilane Green Screens, renowned for their sturdy, densely-planted make-up, enhance the outdoor space on site and will continue to fill and flourish over the next few months and seasons.

Katy Corbiere, F&P Green Impact Team, Bournemouth University: Green Impact has given the team a consistent, solid platform that can be utilised to push forward and encourage others within the wider department to engage in Sustainable initiatives. 

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