Green Screens for McDonald’s

Mobilane Living Green Screens

McDonald’s Lemmer, right on the Dutch A6 motorway, underwent a complete transformation. The interior, car park, garden and terrace were completely refurbished. Guests reacted highly enthusiastically to the new, green environment.

Instant green
Owner Ronald Zuiderveld: “Our interior has completely changed, from a themed affair to a general look with a modern and sleek feel. However, we and Meijer Hoveniers from Oudehaske also set to work outside. During the summer, we get a lot of tourists passing through and they enjoy sitting outside on the sunny terrace. The new terrace is considerably bigger and is now adorned with plane trees and lavender. 

By using plants, we have given the terrace a calming, green, natural but sleek look. In order to hide visually unattractive things such as the bike parking facility for staff and a storage unit from our customers’ view, we opted for ‘green screen’ beech hedges by Mobilane, 25 metres in total. They fit in perfectly with the existing plants.
For the bike parking facility we opted for a one metre-high hedge, while the one near the storage unit is 1.55 metres high. The green screens immediately give the area a mature look and can be planted throughout the year. That’s ideal, because our guests expect a McDonald’s that looks green, sleek, clean and tidy. Everyone’s welcome!”

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