LivePanel leaves lasting impression on workplace environment

  • Bristol

This LivePanel installation was expertly prepared and created by Just Plants, Bristol.  The newly constructed blank wall gained LivePanel love at Proctor + Stevenson, a marketing and communications agency in Bristol, and now enjoys a simple blend of plants to add a welcoming sprinkle of nature in its reception area.

The LivePanel choice

With the lack of a water source and its lowly-lit aspect, the LivePanel suited perfectly.  A little natural light from above and some artificial LED lighting meant that plant choice would be crucial – and steered Just Plants and the client towards grasses and foliage.  The simple plant choice includes chlorophytum, epepremnum aureum and philodendron scandens, creating a variegated blend of greens and golds.

A simple but bold first impression

The installation was completed in January 2018, taking a busy morning and a full day to install and plant up the panels.  The wall structure itself was built from scratch so it was critical to work in harmony with a local carpenter, particularly as the wall would also incorporate a TV screen.  A typical UK winter’s day in January meant that the plants were acclimatised within a heated van prior to their planting – minimising any potential shock.

Install was quick and easy, helped by the preparation of a solid wall structure.  So far, there has been zero plant replacement, astonishing considering the time of year when the plants were introduced.  The end result is one that fits the original brief and delights the client – who loves it as an impressive focal point for visitors arriving at their offices. Just Plants


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