LivePicture: A gallery of greenery by Nurture Landscapes


LivePicture Nurture InstallA gallery of gorgeous greenery now takes pride of place in this previously bland and uninteresting office corridor. This is just one recent interior landscaping installation, imagecourtesy of Nurture Landscapes.

“Love the LivePictures we have installed – the customer was very happy. The frames were very easy to install and I am looking forward to doing more in the future.” – Alan Guilfoyle, Nurture Landscapes

Photo credit: Nurture Landscapes

The client – a facilities management consultancy in Rossendale, Lancashire – commented on how the LivePictures “look great and bring the office to life”

Want to grab some attention with your own LivePicture? We’ve a gallery-full – take a look and get in touch or call us on 44 (0) 203 741 8049.

LivePicture Nurture3LivePicture Nurture3LivePicture Nurture2LivePicture Nurture2
LivePicture Nurture1LivePicture Nurture1

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