Living green hoardings for urban construction sites

Mobilane Living Green Screens
  • Swiss Cottage, London

Hoardings are used to screen, shield and protect on construction and demolition sites in London and across the UK. Nature- and environment-conscious construction companies now add green screens to absorb noise, dust, fumes and provide a naturally foliage-rich habitat that looks much more attractive for the passing community.

Bringing green to grey

In November 2019, this green screen expanse was installed alongside a demolition site in Swiss Cottage, London, using Mobilane Green Screens. The 37 linear metre stretch of green is made of 15 panels in 1.8 metre heights and 14 in 2.2 metre heights.

Living green hoardings

These living green hoardings solve a multitude of problems on site. They help instantly with the aesthetics of what would otherwise be an unsightly blank wall and a prime target for graffiti and wilful damage. The new green screen also allows for natural planting on a site where other planting – trees, shrubs, ground cover – is not possible as space does not allow.

Protecting and improving the local area

The ivy-planted Green Screens have been installed on the hoardings, obscuring the previous covering of printed images of greenery beneath.  The dense natural foliage of the real-life greenery now forms a healthy layer between hoarding and roadside, of particular relevance in filtering the air laced with toxic traffic fumes and improving air quality in the local area, which includes a nearby play area and busy walkways. 

Find out more about Mobilane Green Screens for your next hoarding or screening project. 

Screens installed by Scotscape’s Smartscape team.

Living green hoardings on London construction site
Living green hoardings on London construction site

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