Luxury Jewellery brand stands out on the high street

  • Venice Beach California

With their brand new flagship store opening planned in Venice Beach, California, this luxury jewellery brand wanted to make a really big splash. They wanted different; they wanted bold; they wanted unique. Ticking all three boxes, they chose a green outer facade to their store front. Its 26 square metre planted expanse now attracts immediate attention for new potential store visitors in the locality, and stands out for all the right reasons, bringing a fresh, modern, natural green twist to its appearance.

LivePanel was chosen by the contractor as the perfect choice to meet the client’s wishes. The reasons for the choice were two-fold. Firstly the slim profile of its green wall system lent itself perfectly to the shop fascia. Secondly, the flexibility in its structure and installation allowed for it to be tailored exactly to fit the unique dimensions of the building. These two factors make the LivePanel system unique and allows its installation to almost any wall, indoors or out.

Wide variety of plants

The store’s impressive new green facade has been planted with a wide selection of plants, including succulents, ivy and pothos. These plant choices create an all-year-round natural foliage display, with seasonal colour changes for an extra flourish.


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