Mobilane hits the high street in Heal’s store London

Mobilane Living Green ScreensLivePanelLivePicture

Created this month and taking pride of place, the shop window of Heal’s Furniture store in Tottenham Court Road, London has, quite literally, come to life.

Live Panel Heals Urban Roof Gardens

The store’s headline feature for the next three months, Urban Roof Gardens (URG) have created an outdoor kitchen garden, indoors. The garden creation features a living wall LivePanelwalkway and LivePicture living art. The living artwork has bold visual impact and can be spotted in and around the display and store-wide.

Interestingly, you will also spy a backdrop of Mobilane ivy living Green Screens. The inclusion of the outdoor Green Screens is an unusual one. It demonstrates the versatility and potential for green screens, living walls and living dividers in outdoor living, kitchen garden and roof landscapes. The unique variegated ivy living green screens sit in planters next to the shopfront window for maximum light exposure.

Urban Roof Gardens

Running until 16 June, the design and concept is the brainchild of Urban Roof Gardens (URG). URG are London’s leading multidisciplinary architectural firm specialising in roof terraces, urban gardens and the associated indoor spaces. Truly bringing the outside in, and the inside out, they create spaces that are healthy, sustainable, enriching and environmentally beneficial.

Natural green living for health and well-being

The roof garden and podium landscape specialists have been supported with the supply of live products and technical assistance by the Mobilane team. Lauding the powers of biophilia and encouraging the use of nature in an urban living and work environment, URG are also running Ask the Architect events throughout the garden’s tenure in-store. Those interested in developing their living spaces with the natural beauty of live products can quiz their specialists at these sessions, learning the benefits of a natural green living space on psychological health and physical well-being.

Green Screens and Live Picture Heal's London

The outdoors, in

The display tempts the Heal’s visitor on a walk through two living walls to a chill-out area, accompanied by LivePictures and directs them to the window display of Green Screens in an urban outdoor kitchen. There will also be more LivePictures across the store to bring additional natural dressing into other departmental lifestyle displays.

The recipe for an indoor green living experience

Take two Live Panels, 6 square metres each, lit from above. Add in four Mobilane Hedera Helix Woerner Ivy Green Screens for a unique densely woven variegated backdrop.  Add in a sprinkling of Live Pictures in white, charcoal and silver grey in 41 inch, 53 inch and 67 inch sizes.  Plant across the spectrum of Live Products with a blend of 9cm and 12cm indoor varieties:

  • Peperomia Schumi Red
  • Epipremium Aureum
  • Croton Petra
  • Syngoium Pixie
  • Spathiphyllum Cupido
  • Asplenium Nidus
  • Athyrium Spicatum
  • Nephrolepsis Green Lady

…and you’ve got yourself a Heal’s indoor living spectacular, second to none.

Ask the Architect

Promoting the living green products and enabling URG to share their expertise on product selection, specification and installation, Heal’s will co-host Ask the Architect days from 16th March. Those signing up will receive a 30-minute consultation with the living product specialists from URG and can seek  professional advice on their own indoor and outdoor spaces. The store will also host a series of events celebrating the role of nature in our homes.

A healthy organic environment with modern interiors

Both URG and Heal’s are impressed with the living wall results and customer impact, particularly with the choice of the variegated ivy screens and the  LivePictures within the display an d store-wide, lending their creative versatility to other rooms and departments.

Hamish Mansbridge, CEO of Heal’s, commented: “At Heal’s, we’ve noticed a real shift in the mindset of consumers which sits in line with the ethos at Urban Roof Gardens. City-based residents in particular are finding increasing restrictions in their space and as such there is a growing demand for quality products which bring nature into the home and can make an impact both indoors and out.

“With this in mind, we wanted to bring the technology and expertise from Urban Roof Gardens to our customers and can’t wait to reveal this exciting project. The installation will bring a beautiful selection of LivingProducts which is sure to inspire a healthy, organic environment within modern interiors.”

You can take in the living landscape display at the Heal’s store at 196 Tottenham Court Rd, Bloomsbury, London W1T 7LQ until 16 June 2019 and also sign up in store for any of the planned Ask the Architect sessions. Dates to be confirmed.

The installation will bring a beautiful selection of LivingProducts which is sure to inspire a healthy, organic environment within modern interiors. – Hamish Mansbridge, CEO Heal’s

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