NoiStop for private garden

  • Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Employees of Van Dijk Tuinen, a landscape gardening company from Werkhoven, are putting the finishing touches to a gigantic noise reducing NoiStop fence along a private garden in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Because of the recent reconstruction of the Arnhemseweg-Kersenbaan junction, the road surface has now reached the boundary with the private garden.

In order to strongly reduce the traffic noise for residents, it was decided, in consultation with the Amersfoort local authorities, to construct a 60 metre-long and 3 metre-high so-called NoiStop wall. This special noise barrier with elements made of compressed mineral wool in a casing of galvanised steel reduces noise by about 40%. A slope will be made at the base of the as-yet bare wall, where Hedera (ivy) will be planted, soon giving the wall a natural, ‘green’ look.

NoiStop AmersfoortNoiStop AmersfoortNoiStop Amersfoort
NoiStop AmersfoortNoiStop Amersfoort

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