Phoenix School South Bermondsey


Phoenix Primary School in South Bermondsey is a community school with a capacity of 315 3 – 11 year olds. In 2007, the school joined Ilderton Primary School in a Hard Federation (the Mayflower Federation) – a shared governance structure within which the schools agree to work together for the benefit of all pupils and communities, and sharing resources and expertise to raise standards. Phoenix Primary School received an ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED inspection in 2014. Both schools are registered with the Eco-Schools initiative.

In 2015 the Mayflower Federation secured additional funding to help green its school environments. The Federation approached The Plantman – a London based provider of horticultural solutions for workplaces, businesses, individuals and events – to request a proposal for a living wall installation that would not only deliver a range of environmental benefits, but which would also incorporate the Phoenix School branding.

The Plantman proposed a 40 square metre wall featuring a mixed selection of seasonal plants, with the word ‘Phoenix’ spelled out in the red leaves of Heuchera.

1800 plants were used, with the wall taking just a week for the three-strong Plantman team to install during the summer break, ready for the start of the new academic year.

As the school has a shortage of green space, the wall serves an important environmental function. It has grown well and has proved popular with pupils, staff and visitors.

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