Ponders End Enfield London

Mobilane Living Green Screens

Ponders End is a former industrial area located on the River Lee in the London Borough of Enfield. The borough council is currently working on a regeneration scheme for its High Street after being the scene for the copy-cat riots that spread from Tottenham in August 2011.

The Living Hoardings that have been installed measure 70m sq. The Living Hoardings are made from ivy and delivered to site in biodegradable troughs which are fitted to the base of the hoarding panels with roots positioned behind the panel to protect them. The watering system is automatically controlled through a dripper system through which fertilizer can also be added, when needed. There is no need for it to be connected to a power supply.

The Living Hoardings from Mobilane are leased by the installer, Treebox on this occasion, who are then responsible for the maintenance during the leasing period to ensure that, when it is dismantled, it is in prime condition. The panels can then be taken apart and redeployed elsewhere, thus avoiding the need to send them to landfill after they have been dismantled.

Whilst providing a more attractive environment in Ponders End to hide the current demolition and construction work, the Living Hoardings are also a graffiti preventative. They also allow for signage and lockable gates to be featured to keep the site safe. The ivy improves air quality in the surrounding area by absorbing PM10 pollutants that are generated by the busy London traffic. The Living Hoarding also increases biodiversity in the neighbourhood by encouraging flying insects and, potentially, birds.

This is the first example of Mobilane’s Living Hoardings being installed on a reusable basis as part of a leased agreement.

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