Amazing venue, amazing food, amazing Live Pictures


Gourmet dining alongside living art

This Live Picture install, brought to life quite literally by Auburn Living Walls adorns the walls at The Slaughterhouse restaurant on the edge of the Castle Pier harbour in Guernsey. Contending admirably with the curved plasterboard wall, the Live Pictures now give diners a splash of natural interest.  Planted with Monstera and Maranta for their green lush foliage and low light tolerance, guests can enjoy the positive health effects of live plants during their gourmet dining experience.

Images courtesy of Auburn Living Walls and copyright Etienne Laine


Slaughterhouse Restaurant LivePicture1Images Copyright Etienne LaineSlaughterhouse Restaurant LivePicture2Images Copyright Etienne Laine
Slaughterhouse Restaurant LivePicture3Images Copyright Etienne LaineSlaughterhouse Restaurant LivePicture4Images Copyright Etienne Laine

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