The new Waitrose store in Bracknell


The new Waitrose store, close to their head office in Bracknell, Berkshire has been announced as their greenest yet. The 25,000 sqm store features multiple biodiversity features, building on the retailers’ efforts to conserve and enhance the natural environment.

One of the stand out features is the Mobilane LivePanel Living Wall, installed by Hedera Screens, on the front of the store. The stunning living wall measures 49 sqm and features a variety of colourful and variegated plant species creating an all year round beautiful feature. LivePanel is an innovative system designed specifically to deal with the problems associated with vertical living walls.

LivePanel is a modular construction and the panels are easily adjusted to fit any requirement. LivePanel modules have a specially developed substrate, designed to enable the plants to establish and thrive. The panels are stacked onto the face of the building or wall and secured by an aluminium frame. Installation of the living wall at the Waitrose store was completed in just three days by Hedera Screens of Derbyshire. The plants were grown offsite by Mobilane and delivered ready for installation.


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