WallPlanter Monaco


In Monaco, most cars are parked under buildings. During 2005 a car park was built under the Boulevard du Larvatto with an entrance 15 mtr below on the Avenue Princesse Grace. The developer wanted the front wall of the structure to be completely covered with foliage immediately after completion, so a green wall system was installed by Mobilane.

The south faced wall fronts on to the sea and is bathed in strong sunlight throughout most of the year with temperatures reaching an average high of 40°C in August. The harsh maritime environment and strong winds, along with extreme temperatures make this a challenging location for a living wall, yet the wall has lost no plants
since it was installed in early 2006.

The 20 mtr x 150 mtr system is lightweight yet heat and earthquake resistant. To withstand corrosion from the marine environment, the steel system components have undergone hot-dip galvanising and high temperature powder coating. The installed electronic moisture control system, which has been designed to be easy to maintain, can detect flow and leakage and also includes sensors to collect data on soil moisture
levels. It is also used to give fertiliser to the plants twice a year.

The Monaco wall stands as a testament to the resilience of living walls when they are planned, installed and maintained properly.

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