Green room divider

  • Commercial

A LiveDivider adds a healthy and green partition to work and living spaces. Dividing and separating offices and homes to create new space, its free-standing metal frame and sturdy solid base creates not only a secure backdrop, but a real talking point.

The frame is filled on both sides with six interchangeable plant cassettes. These can be ordered complete with a select plant mix from Mobilane (twelve week growing time) or can be planted with your plant selection. The interchangeable plant cassettes allow you the flexibility to vary your plant selection according to the season or occasion.

The LiveDivider requires minimal plant care experience – its watering system has a reservoir built into the frame. This works without electricity, water pump or water drainage and the reservoir supplies the plants with water for up to six weeks.


Find our full product specifications in our ‘Knowledge Centre’ or use the National Building Specification NBSPlus

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  • Contributes to a healthy living and working climate
  • Divides public space, whilst retaining open character
  • Increased ambience
  • Good for the acoustics in the room


  • Patented system
  • Exchangeable plant cassettes
  • Integrated watering system
  • No pump or electric power required
  • Water reservoir for 4-6 weeks
  • Fully recyclable