Beautiful green planted wall at Davis Partnership Architects

  • Denver Colorado

‘The Bindery on Blake’ building was constructed in 1927 and is located near the centre of Denver, Colorado in the United States. The auspicious building originally served as a metal foundry, then a commercial printing shop and now it buzzes with the hum of creativity as a suite of office spaces.

The original brick building with riveted steel trusses, large open spaces and lots of natural light provides a beautiful backdrop for the studio of nearly 170 architects, interior designers and landscape architects. Davis Partnership Architects designed the space to serve as a model for collaborative and sustainable office environments.

Nice contrast between old and modern

The concept of interior design was simple: a series of fresh white spaces were inserted in the historic industrial building. The contrast between the modern and the old provides the contrast between a high design and the unique charm of the almost hundred-year-old building. Developing this further still, the priority was to create a space that both welcomed customers and stimulated the creative energy of designers. A mix of technology-rich workstations, improvised assembly spaces, outdoor spaces, collaborative spaces and private conference rooms provide staff and customers with the tools and places needed to thrive and create excellent work. Because plants contribute to increasing productivity and creativity, Davis Partnership Architects have also decided to install a green planted wall. The resulting 10 square metre green planted wall is the first thing to grab your eyeline as you enter the building as it is the perfect natural complement to both the original building and its more contemporary white office spaces.