Eco-friendly company adds green living wall to reflect their natural philosophy

  • Durham North Carolina

Promoting natural products to an equally nature-loving clientele, this eco-friendly company in Durham, North Carolina, extended their love of all things green, lush and sustainable with the creation of a green living wall. Wowing visitors in the interior of their main reception area as the building undergoes renovations, it is one of the first things any visitor will spy upon entrance. The living wall is a natural extension of the company’s own ethos, marketing natural products for personal care, health and beauty.

Biophilic design principles

The renovated office design wanted nature at its core. And this meant using sustainable and eco-friendly materials throughout its construction. LivePanel ticks this box on many levels – fully recyclable and bursting with plants, foliage and colour. With its installation, the architect has succeeded in incorporating biophilic design principles into this renovation – a perfect example of nature in a living, working environment: this LivePanel 14 m2 indoor living wall.