About us

Mobilane is part of the leading family-owned business: The Darthuizer GroupFor more than 80 years, the Darthuizer Group has been a leader in the field of innovation and quality in the green environment. Building on these many years of green experience, Mobilane was created in 2001 as a sustainable developer of patented innovative greenery systems.


Market leader

In the last decade, Mobilane has been a market leader in the sustainable development and delivery of patented innovative green systems. The unique, instant products are available to purchase on all continents thanks to an extensive network of branch offices, dealers and agents. From North America to Australia, no market is too far away for the company originally established in the Netherlands.

Mobilane mission

Through the use of the innovative green systems by Mobilane, each with unique benefits and properties, it is our mission to work together at creating a better and healthier living environment. The added value of greenery has a direct effect on the environment, revaluation of the climate, real estate, aesthetics, health and wellbeing.

Red Dot Award

Recently, Mobilane proudly accepted the international Red Dot Award in the category “high design quality” for the design of its latest product “LivePicture GO”.

Mobilane UK is Member of the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) and listed on NBS Plus.

Mobilane is working globally on building a greener, healthier and more sustainable living environment. #BuildingGreen

Product development

  • 2001

    Mobilane Green Screen

    Instant Green Screen

  • 2004


    Green wall with Mobilane Green Screens in planters

  • 2008


    A green roof is super easy

  • 2008


    Noise reducing wall

  • 2010

    LivePanel outdoor

    First outdoor green wall system

  • 2012

    LivePanel indoor

    First indoor green wall system

  • 2013

    LivePicture 1 & 2

    Living picture made up of plants

  • 2014


    Sustainable plant wall

  • 2014


    The green room divider

  • 2015

    LivePicture 3,4 & XL

    Living picture made up of plants

  • 2017

    LivePanel PACK

    All-in-1 green wall system

  • 2018

    LivePicture GO

    GO for O2

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