Mayor’s Air Quality Drive gains breathing space with Mobilane Green Screens

21 August 2018

First air quality audited school now has Green Screens

This Easter (March 2018), Meristem Design, one of the key installers leading the way in providing free green screen audits to schools as part of the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Drive, installed 40 Mobilane Green Screens at Prior Weston Primary School.

Air Quality Audit

The first of 50 schools already on the list for an Air Quality Audit, Prior Weston School was also where the Mayor of London announced his plans back in September 2017. The screens were installed on the first floor level, transforming the previous railed fencing to a green swathe of ivy. The ready-made Mobilane Green Screens were placed in planters built on site from sleepers. Not only did this provide the perfect housing for the screens, but also created seating along the perimeter. This has been a welcome addition to the play area, where the screens now provide privacy and natural beauty, as well as the more important function of cleaning the air from roadside pollutants from the traffic below.

The project was funded by the City of London’s City Air Project and the construction company Taylor Wimpey. Covering a final expanse of 46 metres and a height of 2 metres, the resulting green barrier makes a bold transition from grey to green.

Meristem Design have an increasing schedule of Mobilane Green Screen installations across the City. If you have a school or educational establishment in a polluted area, you should consider the addition of Mobilane Green Screens. Meristem offer a free Green Screen audit and can also help guide you in applying for grants within the funds mentioned – get in touch.

Meristem Design