New Mobilane LivePanel® Pack available for delivery!

10 January 2017

Benefits of LivingPanel® 6×4

  • Exchangeable cassettes
  • Water supply for 1 to 2 weeks
  • No electricity
  • No water drainage connection
  • Manual water refill
  • Quick and easy installation (2h)
  • Smart and silent water level indicators
  • Modern and slender construction
  • Improves room acoustics
  • Contributes to a healthy indoor climate
  • Low scent level
  • Low maintenance
  • Indoor application

Specifications of LivePanel® Pack 6×4

  • Dimensions LivePanel Pack: 2480 x 2060mm ( w x h )
  • Surface 5.12 M²
  • Cassettes 24 (6 wide x 4 high)
  • Weight approximately 210kg. (incl. plants and water)
  • Plants (exclusive) 216 pieces total, Max. P9 pot size | 24 x 9
  • Installation time indication Max. 2h. (ex. Plant-up cassettes)

 To know more about how to install this product, click here: Mobilane LivePanel

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