Mobilane Living Green Screens

Low maintenance ivy screen

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Buy Mobilane Green Screen Direct

For an instant and natural privacy and security boundary, choose the original Mobilane UK Living Green Screen – direct from the grower. This original pre-cultivated ivy screen option, is grown and nurtured by us in the nursery, providing customers with a ready-made green perimeter solution.


Made from a steel grid and densely woven with climbing plants in variety, the instant hedge is grown and supplied in a coconut-fibre biodegradable container. Prepare the soil, plant the hedge directly in the ground and anchor with poles and brackets.

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Green My School

Pollution Barrier for Better Air Quality

Installed at schools, playgrounds and urban play areas in London and major UK cities, installing Mobilane Green Screens gives improved school and roadside air quality as its natural structure helps remove harmful PM10 pollutants. Find out more: Green My School

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Mobilane and the NBS

Specifications for architecture and design

Find our full product specifications in our Knowledge Centre or access these directly in National Building Specification NBSPlus


Research: Air Quality and PM10

Reducing pollution with Mobilane Green Screens

Ongoing research shows that Mobilane Green Screens, superior in plant density and construction than other green screen options, remove particulate pollution – increasingly important as air quality in urban environments is alarmingly poor. Find out how Green Screens improve air quality: PM10 Research


Professional Development and Training

Book a Seminar Place to learn the essentials of specifying Mobilane products

Are you an architect or specifier and interested in a CPD presentation? Mobilane UK is offering you a 1 hour presentation about the essentials of our ready-made green systems. Find out about training


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  • Instant privacy and a green result
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Low maintenance
  • 10 year guarantee on the fencing (Betafence®)
  • Contributes to a healthier environment
  • Cheaper than a wooden or stone fence
  • Improves biodiversity
  • Prevention of graffiti


  • Both the height and width can be tailored to suit your needs
  • Certified sustainable production
  • The hedge has a small footprint and there are no gaps in the hedge
  • Available in various heights and using various plant species
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  • Carpinus betulus Haagbeuk

    Carpinus betulus

    Also known as hornbeam. Double sawn leaf edge. Dark green in the summer, brown in winter.
  • Euonymus Dart's Blanket

    Euonymus Dart’s Blanket

    Winter hardy, yellow-green Cardinal’s hat. Green in summer, deep bronze in winter. Resistant to extensive pruning.

  • Hedera helix Glacier

    Hedera helix Glacier

    Strong ivy with gray-green leaves, narrow white edge and silver-gray interior. Keeps its leafs at all time.

  • klimop-hedera-helix-goldchild-20675-f4b

    Hedera helix Goldchild

    Slow growing ivy, gray-green leaves with a golden edge. Keeps its leaves at all time.

  • Hedera helix Green Ripple

    Hedera helix Green Ripple

    Average growing ivy with dark green leaves. Tendrils are well branched and keeps its leaves all seasons.

  • Hedera helix White Ripple

    Hedera helix White Ripple

    Average growing ivy with gray-green leaves and a silver-white edge. Keeps its leaves all seasons.

  • Hedera-helix-Woerner

    Hedera helix Woerner

    Winter hardy dark green ivy. Keeps its leaves all seasons. Its leaves vary in shape.

  • Hedera hibernica

    Hedera hibernica

    Large glossy leaves with deep lobed leaf margin. On the coast completely hardy.

  • Pyracantha Dart's Red

    Pyracantha Dart’s Red

    Winter hardy. Red (non-toxic) berries. Screening flowers in the spring. Resistant to fire blight.