A unique collaboration: Local Council, Green Wall and Lighting


Two beautiful green, planted expanses have been commissioned by the local authority of Veghel. Mobilane have supplied their LivePanel green walls and these have been installed by local experts, Dolmans Landscaping. Covering 77 square metres, the two LivePanel green wall systems are home to a selection of Geranium, Lonicera and four types of Heuchera plants – the perfect blend of colour and foliage, made by Mobilane. To ensure the authority’s ambitious plans to blend lighting and sound options within the planted environment, 60 lamps were also integrated into the design and installed by Philips.

Making a difference

The administration of Veghel wanted to distinguish their City from other urban landscapes. With this in mind, the lighting, planting and sound options within the two green walls have created the ultimate in visual, light and environmental impact.

This LivePanel plant wall consists of a modular system based on exchangeable plant cassettes (40 x 40 cm). Each cassette row sits in an aluminium channel section, approximately 7 cm high. The gutter profile also serves as a water buffer. The plants in the cassettes are automatically supplied with water by an innovative capillary watering system. The watering system is controlled by sensors in the wall and is completely frost-resistant.

This installation, as all LivePanel systems, is low maintenance, leak-proof, stable and reliable. The plant wall is completely recyclable, should it ever need to be dismantled.

Mark van Doorn of Philips: This unique combination of adjustable LED light, sound and greenery allows us to adapt and update to seasons and special events within the city of Veghel. Research shows that people experience different emotions dependent on combinations of light, sound and environment in their public spaces.

LivePanel_Stadshart Veghel_Veghel_2015_47LivePanel_Stadshart Veghel_Veghel_2015_56LivePanel_Stadshart Veghel_Veghel_2015_02LivePanel_Stadshart Veghel_Veghel_2015_08LivePanel_Stadshart Veghel_Veghel_2015_83_Veghel Doet Het Licht Aan Groene Gevel
LivePanel_Stadshart Veghel_Veghel_2015_45LivePanel_Stadshart Veghel_Veghel_2015_01LivePanel_Stadshart Veghel_Veghel_2015_03

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