Euonymus Green Screen lends privacy, security and an instant burst of nature

Living Green Screens
  • London

Private Garden: Mobilane Green Screen Euonymus Dart’s Blanket

Installed meticulously by Urban Roof Gardens, this private homeowner now has an instant Mobilane Green Screen perimeter.  They’re already ahead of the game with hand-woven, densely planted instant hedging supplied direct from the grower.  With the Euonymus Dart’s Blanket variety planted in these screens, this private homeowner has gained all that – and much more:

Euonymus Green Screens

Wintergreen variety Salt-tolerant – ideal for roadside planting
Low maintenance due to its slow growth rate Tolerates any soil type
Leaf turns to purply, warm red in the winter A good alternative to the classic Hedera hedge


Euonymus Green Screen URG_1Euonymus Green Screen by Urban Roof Gardens 2
Euonymus Green Screen by Urban Roof Gardens 3

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