Extensions: Added height for your Mobilane Green Screen

Mobilane Living Green Screens

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Take it to the next level

A Mobilane Green Screen is the original solution to secure perimeter boundaries where space is at a premium and where the addition of a green, natural element to the landscape is an absolute must.

Sometimes, you might just need… a little bit more.

And for that reason, we have green screen extensions. Supplied blank for installing on existing screens, there are several size options available to help you achieve a higher end result. This also allows the installer to cater for different height levels on the same base green screen.

Working with professional suppliers and installers of Greens Screens and Living Walls, Hedera Screens, we have already supplied a number of extended green screen solutions. This showcases the flexibility of working with the Mobilane UK team to match and exceed any screening opportunity.

We’ve got you…covered

Our Mobilane Green Screen extensions are available now in the following sizes (width x height):

  • 120cm x 25cm
  • 120cm x 50cm
  • 120cm x 75cm
  • 120cm x 100cm
  • 120cm x 150cm
  • 120cm x 175cm

Reaching new heights

Just some of our most recent screen extensions in action – courtesy of Hedera Screens. Extend, add and combine for different screen heights on your original Mobilane Green Screen.


green screen extensions school2.2_3new1.8_2.2

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