Levande Interiör wins Award with LiveProducts


Every year, the Industry Association Nordic Green selects one interior greenery project based on originality and creativity. During the annual meeting, Levande Interiör was selected for this prize, for their LiveProducts installation at the University of Halmstad.

The industry association Nordic Green has members in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The entries for the competition were based on the criteria of design, functionality, materials and plant choice. The aim of the competition is to inspire the members of Nordic Green, but also to reward the best solutions in the industry.

The installation at Halmstad University is one of several successful green interior design solutions for educational facilities created by Levande Interiör. The project at the university consists of a LivePanel, an eight meter high green wall and various LivePictures, a few large trees and various plants in containers. Both lecturers and students have voiced their appreciation for the interior greenery.

Jette Trolle-Schultz Jensen, director of sociology studies at the University of Halmstad.: We have received many positive reactions about the new interior greenery. People are fascinated by the concept of “Levande interiör.

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Universiteit HalmstadUniversiteit Halmstad

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