Municipality of Kapelle opts for NoiStop


At the start of 2009, within the framework of the future development of the Dutch Zuidhoek residential district in the municipality of Kapelle in the Province of Zeeland, the Netherlands, a three metre-high noise barrier with a length of more than a kilometre was constructed along the A58. Due to the early development of ”de Bieselinghe” villa district behind the noise barrier, the local authorities asked a specialist firm to calculate the local noise contours, also with a view to the anticipated traffic developments during the next ten years.

The calculation model showed that the existing noise barrier was not sufficiently effective for the residents of “de Bieselinghe”. That is why additional measures were needed. At the end of May in 2010, the noise barrier was initially raised to a height of five metres across a distance of 210 metres, using NoiStop fencing.

Frans Nieuwenhuize, senior project leader of the Kapelle local authorities: “We extensively studied the pros and cons of all possible solutions for further noise reduction. We opted for NoiStop by Mobilane because we are impressed by the sound-absorbing capacity of the NoiStop fencing of between 9 and 20 decibels. The system’s commercial and practical advantages were the decisive factor. We first installed the hardwood posts on top of the existing soil wall and then it took two men one day to construct 1.80 metre-high panels across a distance of 210 metres. Thanks to the additional NoiStop fencing, traffic noise in “de Bieselinghe” is now well within the norm. We are considering further raising the soil wall with NoiStop in the future, when houses in Zuidhoek will be built closer to the A58.”

In the autumn, ivy will be planted against the fencing, to give it a maximum natural look.

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