Redrow Homes Colindale Gardens, Hendon, London

Mobilane Living Green Screens

Serenity House is the first phase of Redrow’s regeneration of surplus land at the historic police training centre site at Hendon which will eventually see 1,650 new homes built at the site in a project that will take twelve years to complete.

Redrow has opened a Sales & Marketing Suite at the site that will stay open for five years. As part of the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and to support its Design for Biodiversity Policy the company chose to install a living wall system at the Sales & Marketing Suite and approached Mobilane and The Plantman to specify a suitable system.

As the cladding of the Sales & Marketing Suite was not suitable for a living wall system The Plantman suggested the use of Mobilane Green Screens to be installed against the building.

A Green Screen is a pre-cultivated screen which features a galvanised high carbon steel weldmesh that supports 65 ivy plants, each of which is trained through the mesh as it grows. Mobilane Green Screens are quick and easy to install either free standing or against a vertical wall, and the ivy requires minimal maintenance. As well as different species of ivy, Mobilane Green Screens can also feature Hornbeam, Beech, Ligustrum and Pyracantha. The screens come in a variety of lengths, and up to 3m in height.

For Colindale Gardens The Plantman installed 10 Mobilane Green Screens at 3m high and 1.2m wide. Such is the instant solution, the Mobilane Green Screens were installed the day before the Sales & Marketing Suite opened.

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