Screening and greening: The perfect boundary

Mobilane Living Green Screens
  • Cheshire

A combination of different height Mobilane green screens have finished off this new residential development in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.  Extending the development’s green credentials, the resulting 100 linear metre ivy green screen boundary covers a partitioning old brick wall.  Its very nature is in keeping with the other vertical greenery and green roof installations present across the scheme.

Flexible green screens with extensions

Installed by a Manchester-based property company, the scheme boundary surrounding the 12-plot residential development now has a mix of ivy green screens covering its changing heights from 1 to 3.3 metres.  The installation team used 1.2m, 2.2m and 3m Mobilane Green Screen panels and extensions to cover the highest expanses of exposed wall with their new planted cover.

Professionalism and service from Mobilane UK

Over seven days across two phases, the installers worked around the landscaping team on site.  Supported throughout the process from specification, screen selection and fulfilment to delivery, the installer pinpointed the professionalism and service of the Mobilane UK technical team.  With continuous communication throughout, swift delivery to site and helpful drivers assisting with offloading, the result is one that pleases both installer and client, meeting the original intentions and creating a green backdrop that reflects the contemporary natural design of the overall scheme.

The perfect green screen option

Mobilane Green Screens make the perfect green screen solution for a private or public boundary.  They are densely planted and hand-woven with a selection of ivy and climbing plant options for security, privacy and a natural visual aspect as well as providing pollution-busting foliage cover that helps remove harmful particulate matter, improving air quality.

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Ivy green screens and extensions for garden boundary on Cheshire
Ivy green screens and extensions for garden boundary on Cheshire

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