Veghel opts for LivePanel


On the instruction of the Veghel local authorities and its centre management, Mobilane and dealer Dolmans Landscaping from Haaren in the Netherlands covered two facades with a surface area of 77 m2 with the innovative LivePanel system. They opted for a combination of Geranium macrorrhizum Spessart, Heuchera Obsidian, Heuchera Marmalade, Lonicera nitida Maigrun, Polypodium vulgare, Heuchera Fire Chief and Heuchera Midnight Rose. The vertical panel incorporates 60 lamps, so that the green walls form part of the overall lighting and sound plan.

With the objective of turning a visit to the centre of Veghel into an experience with added value, the team created a combination of an innovative lighting plan by Philips, sound and vertical plants on two side walls of existing buildings in the city centre. As such, Veghel wants to stand out from other city centres. “With the unique combination of adjustable LED lights, sound and plants, we can anticipate the changing seasons and specific events in Veghel. A study has shown that certain combinations of light and sound in the public space give people a completely different feeling,” says Mark van Doorn of Philips.

The LivePanel living wall is not a ground-bound product and consists of a modular system based on exchangeable plant cassettes (40 x 40 cm). Each row of cassettes is placed in an aluminium duct profile of about 7 cm high. The duct profile also serves as a water buffer. The plants in the cassettes are automatically watered by an innovative capillary irrigation system. The irrigation system is controlled by sensors in the wall and is entirely frost-resistant. The LivePanel system requires little maintenance, is leak-free and not susceptible to breakdowns. Once disassembled, the living wall can be recycled in full.

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